Fey (Felecytie  Rosen-Hanson) | Associate Marriage Family Therapist
Help is a click/ call away
To get statted with the help you may need click this button to get stated or call the number at the bottom of this website. I am seeing people in Concord and Oakland.
Get Started
An inital phone consultation (about 15-20 minutes) is free of charge.

Individual (50 minutes) $100
Couples (50 minutes) $130

Longer sessions avalible as needed, please inquire

I currenty have my low fee spots all taken. I can offer prepaid discount packages. If this is something you need mention it and we will see what can be done. 

I am not currently able to accept insurance, but I can prepare itemized receipts of service upon request. Some insurance plans provide reimbursement with these receipts.