Felecytie (Fey) Rosen-Hanson
Registered Associate Marriage Family Therapist #103237

Getting help is difficult. But you are not alone. I am here to see the strength
and beauty in you, and work wih you to figure out the next steps. I have expect training in human psychology specialized in trauma and grief. You are an expert in you and your life. We can work together as a team to find your inner and emotional balance to have a more funtional life. 

  1. Individual Psychotherapy
    Corrective Attachment work Trauma work/ PTSD Grief Life Transitions Boundary and Resource development
  2. Couples Counseling
    Communication, understanding attachment patterns and how we share experience is key Specific things we may work with ; Building or Rebuilding foundation Infertility Parenting Life after Infidelity
  3. Depth work
    Growth and Self Awareness through Authentic Movement, Ecotherapy, Dreamwork.

If you need or want something out of a relationship that you feel is somehow missing, I work from a foundation of kind regard, unconditional care, and minimizing shame to help you build and recieve those missing feelings, so you can ultimately find them within yourself and within others.

I am here to help you feel validation in your life, or to find the next steps.

Don't hesitate to call, e-mail, or send me a direct message below.

  1. Title 4
    Title 4
  2. Title 5

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Buskirk Rd Pleasant HIll, CA
Sand Creek Rd
Brentwook, CA

(925) 325-4239

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