Fey (Felecytie  Rosen-Hanson) | Associate Marriage Family Therapist
My therapeutic work focuses on holding, forgiveness, self-awareness, and redirecting one's life path to better suit the client's desired direction. This focus includes working with gentle spirituality or through holding when working with grief, anxiety, trauma, and family/attachment issues. Although our work may interact with these specific areas, I am genuinely curious and open to working with any need that my clients may have. My training is in Somatic Therapy with special emphasis on trauma, and I believe in working partnerships with my clients, with a preference toward relational work that will help them increase their self-awareness, which results in more fulfilling relationships with themselves and, eventually, others. 

Some of the tools I work with include Ho'oponopono, Hakomi, and meditation among others. Along with these tools I work in a relational framework as my authentic self. I often will focus first on the rational/ logical side then move into the feelings and holding emotions when the client is ready. This often is good for the over organized and anxious person working through trauma and needing to combat self-doubt. I look forward to working with you and encourage you to use the " Getting Started ​" page to schedule your initial appointment. 
Things we could work with
  1. Forgiveness,
    Forgiveness, Shame
    These are big loaded things that can be impacted by external forces or even be internal i.e. self talk. Through self awareness work we can learn to heal some of these patterns.
  2. Self Awareness,
Relationship Building
    Self Awareness, Relationship Building
    This can include understanding our strengths and working on how we communicate. Often through understanding, breath work, meditation and hearing the inner voice.
  3. Understanding,
Acceptance & Graditude
    Understanding, Acceptance & Graditude
    We are geared to the negative. It is how humans have survived in the past. So we use self awareness to create new pathways in the bran to let in the good in our lives.
Getting Started